Meet the teams, products, and tech behind this year’s most exciting token projects

31st July | 4am EST, 9am GMT, 4pm SGN

TokenDemoDay is a one-day virtual conference that’ll empower you to learn from the teams who are transforming entire industries through blockchain, while giving you an unprecedented opportunity to get your questions answered via live Q&A sessions.

There’s never been a better platform to learn about the most promising token projects from the founders themselves. Join us this July, and take your blockchain knowledge to the next level.


Dave Martin

A peer-to-peer marketplace for renewable energy
Power Ledger is a software company developing solutions for the energy industry. The Power Ledger Platform is an ecosystem of blockchain applications that enable energy companies or communities to create their own energy systems.
Eric Anziani

Cryptocurrency via a visa card & mobile app
Monaco is putting cryptocurrency in everyone’s pocket through its diversified suite of financial products. When using the Monaco platform, users have a number of options for getting involved in crypto, ranging from passively-managed investment products to full-featured crypto wallets and credit cards.
Sascha Ragtschaa

Reinventing the private equity market
Liechtenstein-based Chainium is using blockchain to transform the world’s equity markets. Its proprietary app, which is now in public beta, allows anyone to instantly access a next-generation equities platform that is specially designed for businesses of all sizes.
Henri Pihkala

An open source platform for realtime data
Streamr is creating a fully transparent, open source marketplace for the exchange of real-time data around the world. Its blockchain-powered platform enables users to sell the real-time data they generate to other organizations, and vice versa.
Jorge Izquierdo

Democratizing governance and organizations
Aragon is a project that aims to disintermediate the creation and maintenance of organizational structures by using blockchain technology. They want to empower people across the world to easily and securely manage their organizations.
Ivo Georgiev

Blockchain-based ad network
AdEx is a decentralized ad network built on the NEO blockchain. The AdEx platform connects advertisers looking for high-quality ways to reach their audience, with influencers seeking to get paid for online advertising.
Pavel Bains

A decentralized database using blockchain
Bluzelle offers anyone the ability to operate a blockchain-powered, fully decentralized database with ease. The Bluzelle network also enables users to rent out their free storage space to other developers in exchange for tokens.
Witek Radomski

Smart cryptocurrency for gaming
Enjin Coin is a cryptocurrency and digital assets platform designed specifically for online gaming. The Singapore-based startup allows gamers to perform in-game transactions on the Enjin Network, home to hundreds of thousands of online games.


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